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How To Cure Hypoglycemia Permanently!

About 7 years ago at one of my better weights (155 lbs) I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia. Quite the opposite of Diabetes. But none the less an insulin problem. My father has diabetes and his sister died of complications of diabetes and obesity.

I was tired all the time and sometimes would go through bouts of depression for no reason at all. After testing the Doctor diagnosed me and I went on my way. He said that I was overweight and needed to eat healthy. There was not much of an explanation as to what this scientific name meant but I walked away knowing I had to head his advice.

I found this article today that shed a lot of light and I wished I was given more information in the past or would have researched it more back then.

Here is the article below that totally explains why all of those symptoms have completely gone away since I have been eating clean! The difference is amazing. I am not having spontaneous food cravings, bouts of feeling under the weather for no reason at all, and my insomnia is gone completely. If you have Hypoglycemia this may be a cure all for you!

Article - How To Cure Hypoglycemia Permanently!
Cure For Hypoglycemia - Hypoglycemia is a condition that results from having low blood sugar. The symptoms of hypoglycemia can include food cravings, weakness, depression, insomnia, etc.

Technically, hypoglycemia can be "cured" by returning the blood sugar level to normal range and this can be done with a simple change of diet.

Fatal Mistake In Diet!

Many people like the idea of treating hypoglycemia with cakes, potato chips, candy, chocolates, an attempt to raise their sugar level back to normal level. There is nothing wrong with the attempt as it does work in raising your sugar level - but only for short period of time!

When you take in food high in carbohydrates or sugar, your body will sense a SHARP increase in blood sugar level. As a result, your pancreas will overreact and produce high amounts of insulin to break down the food, and your sugar level will plummet right down again!

Once again you symptoms come back and you are forced to repeat the traumatic experience again...and again...and again. Sounds familiar?

Cure For Hypoglycemia - The RIGHT Diet Plan!

The key idea here is gradual. You want to keep your sugar level at a constant level, you don't want it to spike up and down without control. You don't want you body to overreact by producing high amounts of insulin.

The only way you can achieve the above results is to eat small but frequent meals. The normal diet plan of 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) CANNOT work for hypoglycemia and it is often the main source of your problems.

Have a least 5-6 meals a day and ensure that your diet consists of proteins and carbohydrates. There is a common misconception that carbohydrates and sugar are bad for hypoglycemia...this is FALSE!

Carbohydrates are our main source of energy, this is an undeniable fact. They provide you with the energy you need to function throughout the day. The trick here however, is that you need to slow down your body's absorption of carbohydrates and this is where protein comes in. Protein slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar into our bloodstream.

Ensure that you diet consists of a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins. These foods will not cause a drastic rise in your blood sugar level; instead, they are broken down and absorbed into the bloodstream gradually - which is what you are trying to achieved!

Cure For Hypoglycemia - The Important Points!

You need to understand that hypoglycemia is not as simple as raising your blood sugar level. For a normal person, regardless of what he/she eats, the body can produce the RIGHT amount of insulin and have no problems regulating the blood sugar level.

But when you suffer from hypoglycemia, your body has problems achieving optimal blood sugar control. For some unknown reasons, the body overreacts and releases too much insulin - and this is what it means to be hypoglycemic! You are not mad. It's not in your head. It's not caused by stress.

All you need to do is to assist you body in regulating the blood sugar level and that is done by modifying your diet - it really is that simple!

You don't have to be depressed. You can still meet people. You can still work. You can still have a peaceful sleep. You can still have fun. You can still have a normal life. All you need to do is to learn how to change your diet plaan


  1. Hello:

    I was feeling so ill a few years ago that I thought I was going to die. I was fifty pounds overweight and addicted to carbs., I suffered headaches, giddiness, weakness, sweats. I did not know what to do, so I started on the protein plan. For a week or so my symptoms went from bad to worse and then I started to feel better. In the space of six months I lost fifty pounds and got so much energy back. My high cholesterol and blood pressure corrected and all was well. The trouble was, it was boring and tough eating so much protein every day. So I gradually went back onto carbs and now, some ten years later, I am back where I started. This time I have kidney disease and am wary about starting a protein plan again and don't know what to do. So I shall study your pages and try to heal - once again. So thank you for taking the trouble to post all this assistance to people like me. Best regards - Michael

    1. Excess animal protein is very hard on the kidneys. Your best bet is to minimize the animal protein as best you can and add organic or clean vegetables. Avoid sugars, alcohol, simple carbs such as breads and pastas...

    2. I am 33years old and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last summer. For at least the year before, I noticed that I had to urinate all the time, waking me up several times a night. In the month or so prior to being diagnosed, I lost 40 pounds and was thirsty all the time. One day I got extremely sick, could not keep anything down, had blurry vision, a rapid heartbeat, and began hyperventilating. My blood glucose level in the ER was in the high 500s and my A1C was 9.7. Since then, I have developed neuropathy, which makes life pretty difficult to work in my office and it was still affecting my family till i meant up with my friend's cousin who introduce this Doctor to me Dr.Ighodalo and said that this same doctor healed her mom's friend, so i contacted him with doubting mindset but friends i could not believe it when he helped me with a positive solution and cure my diabetes with his herbal cure remedies. You can also be cured if you are suffering from DIABETES or any critical sickness that is giving you heartbreak and disturbing your family and job by contacting Dr. Ighodalo via Dr IGHODALO CAN AS WELL CURE THE FOLLOWING DISEASES:-
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      10.Acute angle-closure Glaucoma

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      after reading's "Susan Barlow's" comment, I sent an email to "Dr Ighodalo" inquiring on services. The reply I received instructed me to purchase their product. When I asked to be removed from their email, I was again instructed to purchase.
      When I sent a clear concise email stating, Remove me from your email.

      TO MY SHOCK, the next email I got from this Dr Ighodalo was a harsh physical threat if I didn't apologize.


    6. You did post a rating on a wrong doctor's profile on rateMDs.

  2. Hey there Anonymous/Michael? I am in the same boat, the only carbs I allow myself to eat are low GI oats because they are wholegrain. Wholemeal is as bad as white flour and what people don't realise is that all carbs are sugar, grains are absorbed as sugar by the body, it all becomes glucose.

    We definitely need energy from carbs but bread is so nutrition-less and damaging unless you're eating dense wholegrain bread which is impossible to find. And bread is the centre of everyone's universe, its hard to escape.

    I pray that you get better again. Mine was caused by Adrenal Burnout which I've been recovering from for the last two years and rare red meat has been my saviour. Only recently I've needed so much extra red meat and raw egg yolks to heal this bout of hypoglycemia and insomnia but one day all these B vitamins will restore my nervous system and end these awful symptoms. I'll bounce back. I believe its possible for everyone :) Good luck, Laura xx

  3. I
    am 23 an I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia in june
    I am struggling to find what is good for me
    I am so tired of this symptoms messing with
    My life I am asking anyone how do you get
    Rid of hypoglycemia

    1. Visit this blog: and start reading all of the information and watch the recommended videos. The first step to getting this under control is to educate yourself. Once you learn why and how hypoglycemia develops you will think entirely different about food and you'll be on your way to curing yourself. It is challenging but you will feel better in weeks just by changing your diet. I wish you the best! My contact info is on the blog so if you want to reach out, please do. I'll help in any way I can.

    2. I have it bad also,but have figured out one thing. A baked potato seems to last me a long time but without salt as I have sodium isues to.The first time I ate a baked potato it lasted me 4 or 5 hours.That doesnt mean it will work for everyone that way tho.Shredded Wheat cereal for breakfast seems to do the trick also,but maybe eat a couple scrambled eggs with it.If you test your sugar and it drops to 80 during the day,eat something then and dont wait. The 70s may be considered normal range but its No-No land for me.

  4. I took it a step farther and cut grains out of my diet.

    My basically come from:
    Baked sweet potatoes
    Kidney beans

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  6. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was 24. I never took any pills just managed my condition with proper eating habits. While it never went away completely it rarely shows its symptoms. My diet includes high protein (chicken, eggs, and occasionally red meat) and vegetables and some pasta or rice. Hope it helps.

  7. According to nature therapy, diabetes is the result of a problem in thedigestive system. This can be overcome easily, and within a short duration of time, with regular practice of yoga, change in life style,daily routine and diet control. Generally, people engaged in sedentarywork suffer from this disease. The insulin produced from the pancreasreduces both in quality and quantity, resulting in a high sugar level,and the excess glucose flows out through the urine.. How To Get Rid Of Diabetes Permanently

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  9. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was 36, which was 23 years ago.It is NOT something you can get rid of, it is something you have to try daily to control! I don't know about some of these replies, but with me animal protein is a MUST! I also eat fish, but b/c I detest fishy tasting fish, I don't' eat a lot, mostly chicken and lean pork. I stay away from rice and pasta like the plague! I also avoid a lot of fruits, and only eat apples, most berries, and I have learned to stay away form oranges, any melons, and especially bananas! Everyone has to figure out what works best for them through trial and error. If I get a way form my "healthy way of living" diet, I not only gain weight, but I get very depressed and irritable. I also walk daily, keeping a pedometer hooked to my clothes, and aim for 10,000 or more steps per day, along with three days a week of weights and a good work out. I hope this helps. I hardly lose any weight doing all of this, but I feel better. That is what matters most. My mother dies at 64 of diabetes, She had a heart attack at 59, which is my age now.My older brother is also diabetic.

  10. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and thoracic scoliosis when I was born. I was very skinny and small when I was born. My parent are not diabetic.

  11. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and thoracic scoliosis when I was born. I was very skinny and small when I was born. My parent are not diabetic.

  12. Im 15 years old and was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, I don't really understand it but this article helped a lot. -Scared Teen

  13. Vitamin d and blood pressure works for me plus eating regularily


    Hi.. I suffered from Adrenal exhaustion for many years off and on. Diet must be full of greens, clean meats, nuts healthy cheeses, healthy oils. Remove from diet All white sugar, All higher glycemic fruits, if you can, ALL grains. Read the Book Wheat Belly and eat 5-6 small meals a day. I FOUND A PRODUCT CALLED DRENAMINE AND A GREAT NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN. That took care of my problem... (in a nutshell).

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  19. I tend to eat almost exclusively carbs unless having a proper home cooked meal. Typical might be grilled cheese and diet soda or bagel with cream cheese and cranberry juice. I'm always dropping off a cliff mentally. Not exactly a sad depression, but I suddenly just need to hide away and nap and cannot focus on cerebral tasks at work (though muscle memory physical tasks I can get through). One day I tried a meal of fish and vegetables with no carbs besides the juices of the veggies. Healthiest feeling in years! I think I need to train my body to stop expecting so much blood sugar. It will be hard, though.

  20. can you die of/with hypoglycemia?

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